Julian Serrano


Hey party people! Long time no blog…oops. The last couple months have been crazy busy, in a good way. I got a new job and a new kitten- say what!? Here they are, totally in love (well, the kitten is)- Mu Empire and Mr. Saxobeat.


Oh, and there’s been a ton of food, so lots more blogs to come. Speaking of food, one of the best and worst things about my old job was the team member dining room (translation- free food all day every day). It was amazing, and I have my poor self control to thank for putting on the freshman 15 all over again. Thank God for Zumba! If you need me, I’ll be in the sauna.

Julian Serrano inside Aria Resort & Casino is one of the great restaurants in Las Vegas that has a dedicated vegan menu. It’s one of my fantasies to just point at the menu and say- “One of everything, garçon!” Garçon means boy. Anywho, JS is tapas style, with small plates great for sharing. But don’t be mistaken, they can make paella bigger than a school bus steering wheel. I’ve seen it.


Dedicated vegan menu


Pan Tomate


Sauteed Padron Peppers


This paella was at least a 18″ across (a 4-person serving)


Churros- yes please!

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